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This is where it all started


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My involvement with the shooting sports began at a very early age, and I never outgrew it! I have had some type of gun in my hands all my life, and I love it! I also have been driven by some mysterious force to take everything apart to see what makes it work, as far back as I can remember. I've heard that "necessity is the mother of invention", but for me it's always been that inventing, re-inventing, or building something, has always been a necessity. So I guess becoming a "gun repairman" was my destiny, or so it would seem. As a teenager I developed an urge to test my shooting skills by competing with others in shooting games. I quickly became "addicted" and welcomed the opportunity to shoot whenever, and wherever I could. God works in mysterious ways I guess, because during the next decade or so, I developed an urge to help others learn to shoot, and keep their guns working properly. 1979 marked the beginning of what you see today. Despite way too many setbacks, ( I could write a small novel just about those!) I finally was able to go "full-time" in 1990. Another decade later, I can now see some light up ahead,- Damn, I'm Stubborn! I could never have done any of this, had it not been for the support of my wife, my family, and the thousands of people who trusted me to help them. The Lord blessed me with a good mix of genes. The men and women he chose to mold my character, (and I am a character) all were achievers. The attributes they instilled in me, made me whatever it is that I am.

The Men


My father taught me how to endure and survive. This guy shared with his father the hardships of living through the Great Depression, then went on to fight for his country. He survived the 1st landing at Anzio Beach, earned a few purple hearts, and then came home to begin a new life. With nothing more than a job he struggled for the rest of his life to provide for his wife and six children. Having very little formal education, and no financial help, this man achieved extraordinary success. Dad was infantry, and the years of combat took its toll, I watched many times as he was violently shaken from his sleep, as he relived a battle in his dreams. War is hell, he told me, and once you've been there, everything else is just a walk in the park. In September of 1983 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My brothers and I met with his doctor to discuss the options,---there are none, we were told, he'll be gone in less than six months, make the most of the time he has left. One daughter remained to be married on November 8, and dad was determined to be there,---he was,---walked her down the aisle, went to the reception, danced a final dance, and then got drunk. On December 8 he woke from his sleep and called out,---God, come and get me, I'm ready to go.--- He died on His Terms, in His Bed, in His Home. Damn Tough Man, and thanks to him, whenever I feel life's too tough, I merely have to recall his life story, and I realize,---it could be a lot worse.


This man was intimidating, and he rarely spoke. I was told that he was extremely violent, and never to make him mad, but how can a first grandson make his grandpa mad? I never had the opportunity to learn much about him, we were never very close, but I always saw him on "special occasions", and holidays. I'm sure there were reasons why, but I wasn't allowed to ask. I would love to know more about him. What I do know is he survived a heart attack, and later a stroke that left him paralyzed for awhile. He recovered from all that, and lived a fairly normal life for a few more years. He suffered a fatal heart failure during a fist fight with three street thugs in front of his home over some beer bottles they had thrown in his yard. He would not tolerate disrespect. His legacy to me is,--- Fear No One, and Never Give up. If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for.


My mentor was my mothers father. He came to America in his early teens, from Genoa Italy. He quickly learned how to use "government programs" to get a business degree, and secure a loan to open a small currency exchange business to assist Italian immigrants with their financial needs. He encouraged three brothers to follow his lead, and helped them to take the journey to a new life. He became very successful in business, and in life. This man left an indelible mark on every person that ever met him. I was his first grandson, and was affectionately known as "grandpa's pet". I became his "shadow" and I still think he could "walk on water" A true Guru, he could answer any question on any subject, and provide the proper documentation to prove it! His purpose for living, was learning all he could about all he could, and then teaching, or "passing it on" to his successor,---that would be me! His kids thought he was crazy, Go Figure! In 1968, my wife (and I) presented him with his first great grandson,--- to say he was elated,---would be an understatement. One day after a very enjoyable visit, he hugged and kissed the three of us, and said I've done everything I needed to do, and it's time for me to leave, you love each other, enjoy each other, live a good life, go home now, I'll see you later. We thought he was losing it! Next morning we got the call, Grandpa died, sitting in his chair, reading. Some fool took the book he was reading, and put it away---Without making note of what it was, Now how am I going to learn to do that? The Spirits of these great men live in my mind, and continue to guide me through life. I am, by the grace of God, the sum of their parts, and it is my responsibility to add to their legacy, and pass it on.---I will do my best.

The Women


No structure can stand for long without a solid foundation, and the women in my life provide that foundation. God created man, then quickly realized he couldn't survive alone, so he created a woman to help him. Success doesn't mean very much if you don't have someone to share it with, and behind every successful man, there is usually a woman who "helped" him achieve it. In the culture I was raised, the women were domestic care givers, and rarely left the house except to go to the market. Right or wrong, that's the way it was. Our family traditions taught "survival of the fittest", and the women made sure the men were "fit". I survived my "Youth" because of my mothers nurturing (some call it nagging). My mother is responsible for my education, and my health, and probably a lot more than I am willing to admit. My memories of my grandmothers are mostly, sensory-- sights, smells, and tastes. These women were always cooking something, or cleaning up after cooking. Family gatherings, especially holidays, were gourmet extravaganzas, and I will treasure those memories forever. Families seem to drift apart when Mama's gone. Women are God's gift to men. (They just won't admit it) I take time everyday to thank God for my wife, without her I would not have had the desire to do most of what I've done. She is my partner in life,---and for life. I am NOT the easiest person to get along with,--- she tolerates me, and encourages me to be better, and do better. Whatever "Worldly Goods" I can give her, before my time here is over, could never be enough to reward her for all that she has done for me. These women helped balance and tone my "character", and I will be forever in their debt. I would like to acknowledge a lady "talk show" host, who will remain anonymous. She pretty much summed up my character with this statement, as she introduced me to her audience: "I must warn you, Dan Cooper is known for his Tenacity, Honesty, and Outspoken viewpoints. He is witty, and humorous. He is rude, and opinionated. You will either love him, or hate him. Either way, He is an unforgettable experience."