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Sand Mountain Shooter's Club
626 Bloodworth Rd. Boaz, Al 35956
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Tues thru Fri. 10a.m. to 7p.m.

Sat & Sun 10a.m. to 6p.m.

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To quote Willie Nelson "My Hero's Have Always Been Cowboys". For me, "cowboy" is a generic term. I define it as a rugged, outdoor loving, free minded, family oriented individual that can adapt to, and take charge of, any situation with ease and efficiency. A dying breed, no doubt.

Survivalist, is another "generic" word. I interpret this word to mean a person who can endure anything life can throw at you, ignore it, and continue to pursue your dreams. My life's motto is "Never give up" (I collect this type of memorabilia). "Winners never quit, and quitters never win". Successful people do not know how to accept defeat! To me that is survival, when life throws lemons at you, use them to make Lemonade!

The easiest way to describe our philosophy, is "Old Fashion", with the emphasis on Old!

Advertising a business, is like a politician running for office, few ever mean what they say, and fewer, ever do what they say they will. The Truth is too many people in business today haven't any morals, ethics, principals, or standards. Deception has become The standard, and it is called marketing. What you see, is Not always what you get, To get the product or service advertised is Rare.

We believe the people who do this to be liars, their practices to be cheating, and when money is taken, it becomes theft by deception.

STOP- Take a deep breath- Relax- Take several steps back in time. A time when you trusted the people you traded with, a time when a persons word was their bond, a time when you got what you paid for, and maybe a little bit more. Those were the good old days!

That's what you'll find at our place. Family oriented, Family owned, and Family operated. A refreshing new idea? Nope, just "good old fashioned business", and we treat "most" of our customers like they are part of our family. Quality Service, and Quality products guarantees that the time you spend at our place is Quality time.

Food For Thought

Ponder the following marketing catch phrases.

  • "The fastest service in town" Haste makes waste, Quality takes time, Good things are worth waiting for.
  • "Lowest Price" You get what you pay for, (most of the time)
  • "Buyer Beware" Low prices come with hidden costs
  • Quality carries a little higher price tag.
  • "We'll beat anybody's deal" This usually means we're not as good as the other guys, we don't need a profit, we're desperate for money. (yours!)

Some of our Favorites are:

  • Free
  • At Cost
  • Below Cost
  • Buy Now and we'll include at no Extra Cost
  • No Hidden Costs

If you believe any of the above, I have some Edsel Stock on Sale, "GUARANTEED".

If you believe the above is Organic Fertilizer (B.S.) then you owe it to yourself to visit our place!